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6 Tips | How To Market Your Mobile Food Business On The Market Ground

by Maradona Chalwe

Being a marketer and marketing products or services is a very fan professional; and if you think of joining this profession; remember that it fits those willing to overcome shyness and those courageous enough to live as a marketer. Overcoming shyness is among the top lessons to overcome in order to become a marketer.

Marketing is a professional that everyone who wants to start or has a business goes through and must go through. If you cannot market your product, then you cannot sale and if you cannot sale, then you cannot have money, and if you cannot have money, then you won’t eat, if you cannot eat, then you will die; and that’s why overcoming death meaning (shyness) is the first step to become a marketer.

And if you wish to open up a business in your local market zone, particularly a food mobile business, consider some of these steps to help you how you can penetrate your desired business at your local market.

1. Have A Food Product or Idea First

It all starts with a product; in short every business begins with a product or service idea at hand. The reason why most people will never start or open a business and just rather stick to a job is because they don’t have any firm business idea to start with, they might admire other people’s business idea, and they may open up a business because of that admiration from others, but along the way they drop out simply because it’s not their own inspired from inside idea and many of the people who admired and started a same business of a friend or neighbor, had no detailed clue why, how and what it takes from the inside core center how the business runs and how it must be run.

Stop copying ideas you cannot handle, that’s wasting your time and resources of your life, go for what you can handle. What was never meant to be yours will never be yours, and it’s a shame that many of us waste of our precious life trying all means to live the dreams of others and neglect our own dreams, talents and passions of our own lives.  

Find your own inspired business idea and know why you want to start that business, how and what it will take you to run that business by your own self.

2. Find A Need Place For Your Product

Every market has a need for a product or service, and it’s up to you to find and survey that market that will need your product or service. And probably that market need others are already offering it, but it’s up to you to find that unique strategic way of how you are going to penetrate your product on that market trade ground.

3. Unique Your Product

Maybe someone is already offering the same product in that market you want to introduce yours too, what do you do? The only advantage you might have is to be unique your product, to do something different, to package or sell your product in a unique way that everyone else is not. Don’t be like everyone else, being different has and will give you greater opportunity for selling your product on the market ground.

Let your way of selling your product or service be of a “quality way”, even if the product is not of high quality, but let it be unique and quality process of delivery to your customers. People of quality, buy quality and understand quality. Keep your product or service up to quality standard.   

4. Focus and Interact With Your Customers

I have a small food Take-Away business shop in Chisokone market, Kitwe town; and I have only specific customers who I sale my cup cakes too and interact with too; not everyone is my customer.

I ask my customers face to face on how I must improve my cup cake and scones business or product for them; yes some come out openly, for example, one told me to improve time of product delivery, the other told to me to be giving our business number to potential customers so that they can make orders in advance and I do that, and from customer interactions, I see where I must improve with myself and my business too.

Remember not everyone can be your customer, that’s why you must focus on your customers and interact with your customers; it’s only those customers around you that can help your business and your life progress forward.

5. Expand and Let Your Customers Expand Your Business Too

I am expanding my cup cake business in the market, but the people, who expand my business more are my customers, that’s why it’s good to focus on your customers, give the best service you can and they will help you expand your business. Sometimes you might not have the best product, but your good service of providing the product to your customers, is the good that will motivate them to introduce your product to friends or relatives of them that turn out to be your customers too.

“If you give others a better life, you will receive a better life in return”

Expand your business in which every possible way there is, use internet or social media too, just find whichever way possible will be found to expand your business. And always remember to grow yourself, because personal growth is business growth too.

6. Maintain and Expand The Good Standard of Yourself and Your Product

Remember in the first place that what attracted your customers to your business is the quality standard of your product or service, and that’s what you must maintain and expand more. Customers do not leave good products or services, they leave bad products and services, and that’s why you must maintain and expand quality standard of your product and services on every market ground your business is operating at.

And don’t forget yourself too; be quality too, before you can sell a quality product, you must be quality first. So be quality and maintain the quality standard of your product and service too.

Advantages of Local Market Business

Especially Chisokone Market, In Kitwe Town   

Local markets are free business zones you can start a small business without even a registered company, make money and grow your business big, where it can get known to bigger businesses outside the market zone. I advice you if you want to start a business you can learn and grow from, start a small one in your local market, there are more greater advantages for small businesses that can thrive to bigger ones in our local markets. Taxes are affordable to cheap even if profit you make is little, shops or rent spaces are very affordable, small loan businesses to get small business loans are available around every corner,  this is a greater advantage if you want to start a business. Good luck, you can also follow me up on facebook: Maradona Chalwe  

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