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Entrepreneurs Are Not Risk Takers

by Maradona Chalwe

They are no risk taking in this life, but only choices or decisions made or not, that’s all. Mind you, always remember that not making a choice or decision is also making a choice or decision as while.

Most people or employees say entrepreneurship is risk; well on their own perspective, yes its risk; but from an entrepreneurs perspective that’s not risk, it’s a just a choice or decision they make like any other life choice or decision any other person makes on a daily basis.

Entrepreneurs have made a decision to become entrepreneurs because that’s what they feel is a right decision to do and live for with their own lives. Others too have made a choice or a decision to become employees because that’s what they feel is a right choice to do and live for with their lives too. Whether forced or willingly, life has no risks, but just choices or decisions to be taken or to be made.

So, let’s not confuse choice or decision with risk. 

So What Is Risk?  

Risk is not being your real self. Risk is pretending to be who you are not. Risk in life is not making your own personal choice or decision to live the life you desire or want from deep down your own heart, but to let others decide a life for you simply because you feel its risk to be, do and have the life you want. That’s what is risk is, not to live or mind your own personal choices and decisions in this life.

The question is; if you can’t be you, then who do you think you will be?

So in short risk is letting others decide life for you. Entrepreneurship is not risk because it’s a personal made choice or decision, but mainly being an employee is risk because most times you are using your own personal life time, energy and creativity to mind your employer’s personal life dreams or business and neglecting your own personal life dreams and business yearning within your own self.

So once more entrepreneurship is not risk, being an employee or having a job is risk simply because a job is not yours, it’s for your employer, and what if you are fired today? That’s what risk is.

You either choose to become what you want or others choose who they want you become in this life; and among the two lies a risk in between.

Inspired by Gary Veynerchuk

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