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Self-Education Has No Graduation Day

by Maradona Chalwe

People who are graduates of life are dead people, so are the people who think they know it all.
Remember that the more you learn, the more you grow and the more open you become to new ideas and concepts in that area or field. The more you learn the more you realize how little you know. When you realize this, the more the desire you will develop to learn more about yourself, life and livelihood skills.

“Anyone who understands learning will tell you that there is more to learn than it is to be learned” – Maradona Chalwe

Learning more and realizing that the more you learn is the more you find out how little you know, is what motivates self-educated people to keep learning, to keep on improving themselves, their skills and keep learning new skills each day that comes along. Get this; not knowing everything is great motivation to keep you young, keep you learning and keep you open minded each day that comes. Education means to develop, and to develop means to improve, to improve means growth, and growth is endless, only the educated agree to this, but I do not mean the schooled, NO.

Graduation means knowing it all. Moreover University “GOWN” Means “Go-Out-Weak-Narrow” Mind, and we have seen how incapable most of graduates are in our societies, just waiting to be told what to do with their lives, just waiting for the government to give them a job instead of taking control of their own lives and create their own jobs. What’s the point of having a degree and call yourself educated when you actually can’t take control of your own life? Being educated means taking full control, becoming fully responsible for your life, and not letting your employer, government or spouse to do so for you.

Let’s not confuse schooling with education; our society has so many schooled people than educated ones. You can have an MBA but still a slave and an idiot; and you can have zero schooling but become a master and intelligent in society, let’s not confuse schooling with education.

Self-education has no gown to symbolize that someone has graduated. Self-education means spiritual-education and spiritual education is endless. For most people school gets in the way of their education that when they finish or acquire a university degree they think they are educated, learned enough and therefore shut their mind from learning other important skills taught outside classroom instructions.
“Formal education will make you a living. Self education will make you a fortune” – Jim Rohn
The prosperous, richest, or wealthiest people on earth are the self-educating people; they understand that there’s more to learn than just being learned, that’s why you keep on seeing successful people becoming more successful and elevating from one success to another success, because they never stop the process of self-education.

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