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The Unseen Wrong Decisions Small or Startups Business Owners Make The Most

by Maradona Chalwe

It’s not everyone whose interested to work with you is business minded. 

It does not mean if someone has a special skill that means they have business guts, and can be able to make your company become profitable, no.

The difference between working for and working with is that, one has the employee mindset and the other has business mindset. As a business startup, are you surrounded by business minded or employee minded team members?

The common mistakes business startups cause is bringing in the business people with employee mentality as business partners or business share holders. And this is among the causes why so many startups fail along the way and why some never get to thrive from a small business cycle.

If you have a business or starting a business, and you are surrounded with people who only want to make money, and not to grow the business, you are in trouble, and not going far.

Most small business owners have this perception that if someone has some special skills or talents, that means they can work with them, mistake; not  everyone or anyone with special skills  has a business mind, in fact many just want to use their skills to make money, and not start or grow a business out of that talent, and more especially when the business seems to be doing fine, but wait when business hard times pops in, and more especially when the money problem steps in, the wimp mindset among the employee team members reviews its self.

Point: Most startups surround themselves with WIMP minded business team members and not real business minded members. Wimps are people who are money hungry, employee minded, with a paycheck mentality focus.

WIMP Means “Where Is My Paycheck”

Business is a struggle out there, but learn to evaluate business struggles honestly simply because some struggles are caused from where you are, from team members and its either you are the wimp, or you have a pack of wimps working for you or you are treating them like wimps.

And more especially when you are a startup position, that’s where it’s crucial to find right people, partners to start a business with, it may take years or less to find them, but begin first studying the character of that person or people you want to be part of your business before you bring them in as business partners or business team members; this also includes close relationships like girl or boy friend, wife or husband, and family too, access them with patience and honest simply because it’s mostly the closest who have made many businesses, business ideas and dreams fail to see light at the end of the day, evaluate such people honestly.  

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Remember that it’s not the skills or the experience that runs the business only, no; it’s a combination of mindsets; for example entrepreneurial mindset, patience, discipline, honesty, hard work, purpose, vision, skills, experience,  money etc. It’s not money that builds the business; it’s the characters around the business. That’s why character plays a very big role in the business world.

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