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There’s No Right Path To Success

by Maradona Chalwe

Yes, you can be taught the principles to success, but you must find your right idea, path, goal or strategy on how you are going archive the success you want that fits you.

Many times people have tried to copy other people’s success strategies, later on failed badly, gave up, blamed everyone, it doesn’t work; but never realized that, my path is not your path, for example, we might have the same music talent, but we aren’t going to use or be in the same path to make that music talent a success, how life will treat me on the road to my success is not the same way life will treat you, that’s why my path is not your path, and your path is not my path.  

You must find and create my path to success that fits your vision, passion or wants that will bring out the best interest within you and that will motivate you to commit to the path that will drive you to the success you want to achieve or become.

That’s why it has been said they is no right path to success, they are many ways to success, but it’s your responsibility to find or create that path, that way, that will suit you to accomplish the success you truly want. There’s only your way, your path, whoever you are.

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