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What Am I Going To School For?

by Maradona Chalwe

Listen to this, “We go to school, finish college, graduate, find a job, and then start working for the employer, as a way to earn money, then get owned by the same employer, then get owned by the government or the aliens for longer period of life-time, and never get to have clear a picture who we really are as our own selves.” What if you and me did this, flipped the other way round, “why not go to school and learn how to become employers, create jobs for others, create our own money and make that money work hard for us, instead of us work hard for the earned money earned by the employer?” I believe such a system will work better, productive and meaningful for you and I in this generation were unemployment each day is rising and has become like an air born-disease, when solutions to overcome unemployment are already here, and that is within you and me.

However, the wise question each student must answer is;

Question: What Am I Going To School For?

Reason being is, some students are going through school without thinking, while others have not been to school but are thinking and becoming rich and successful with their lives. It’s the same as some people have religion without brains while others have brains without religion.

School is not a forcing matter, it’s a choice and that choice should come from a person who wants to go into school, not from your parents, government, or any other. School is a choice, not a forcing matter, but many kids are just forced and dragged into school, and in the end school becomes a conditioning that many kids are following without any reason or curiosity to question why they follow what they follow.

Is going to school only to prepare kids for a job, to work for someone else? If that’s all that school prepares us for, then the system is useless and a waste of people’s lives. School must prepare students not just for a job or passing exams, but prepare them for life, prepare students to face the worst of life and the good of life, prepare kids to live the life they want, their dreams and talents; but it seems school never prepare students for this, but only prepare them for a job, and this is why you see many graduate students on the streets looking for jobs instead of creating jobs, simply because school never prepared them to create jobs but look for jobs, to wait for someone to come give them a job, and not create their own jobs, for the example waiting for the government that does not create jobs.

Remember this too, the waste thing about school certificate is, if you died today, you can’t even pass it to your child or anyone else to continual using it on his or her own behalf, but if you built a business, built an investment; you could pass it on to your children or to anyone else and it will continual running as long as it is run by a well-taught successor. Remember what Frederick W. Robertson observed; “Instruction ends in the school-room, but education ends only with life”, school must prepare kids for education, not only schooling as it does currently.

Question:What Then Do You Go To School For?

What then do you send your kids for to school when they only end up slaves of a few people like the rich or the government?

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