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Why People With A School Mentality Fail To Start A Business

by Maradona Chalwe

Most of us don’t consider or think school is a business some guy years ago came up with; many of us still think somehow it is a lifetime investment; well, it maybe, but for now and where we are going, it’s not truly a good one if you still believe it’s a lifetime investment.

School is a business, and its business is to train students to go do what the system wants, not what the student wants, and that which the system wants is to become an employee, that’s the business of school. Even people who claim to do entrepreneurship courses or business courses in college all end up business managerial employees for the rich people’s companies after college. Moreover, entrepreneurship taught in college is a waste of time and money.

Here are the reasons why those with a school mentality fail to start a business;

They’re afraid of failure, afraid of losing some money, simply because in school their taught that to fail, to make mistakes is being stupid and being a loser; so this fear of losing, of looking stupid if they failed, stops them more from starting that business even if they think about starting a business. Their emotions of fear are stronger than the emotions of winning. That’s why employees prefer job security than financial security that comes if you are willing to face your fears and willing to fail as you run a business. School mentality people prefer job security because all they are taught in school to be safe takers, and not risk takers like entrepreneurs are.

Even though many people say out loudly that they want to become successful, many won’t because consciously they want success, but subconsciously they don’t want success; why and how? They don’t want to be and do what successful people are subconsciously. Many still have bad attitudes towards success, bad attitudes towards successful people. Poor mindsets, poor time using, thinking and poor self management. If a person does not accept and become subconsciously successful, no matter how they try, they will go back to who they are within their subconscious minds. You must first be subconsciously successful, simply because what lives in your subconscious mind is what you are and what you become and do in your physical world. Your mindset is your lifestyle. Love and do success, and not fear and avoid success.

Most of them believe a paycheck will take care of their financial life, for example employees who work for the government feel their safe financially because the government takes care of their financial life through a paycheck and a pension account plan, so for them starting a business to make some extra money for themselves is not that important.

The reason why a school-mentality cannot start a business is their never taught how to start or own a business in school, but only taught to manager rich people’s businesses after they leave school, their just taught to become managerial employees, in courses like business administration, accounts, or book keeping, etc. They are never taught in school to mind their own business, but to mind other people’s businesses. They are only taught to become employees of the government and a few rich people who control the government, school, pharmaceutical and religion systems.

As long as we keep teaching people to become employees, people aren’t as likely to leave their jobs, or start their own business or company, which actually has made so many innocent lives trapped in the rat-race employment process. To become an entrepreneur is to take control. To become an employee is to work for control.

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