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Knowledge of Ourselves and of Our Past are Important for Our Liberation – Kwadwo Agyei Yeboah

by Maradona Chalwe

I think one of the biggest problems facing the African continent today is the diversity of narratives concerning her economy, politics and leadership.

Many great leaders have died at the hands of the laity because it is easier today to buy the views often neo-colonialists and the imperial powers than those of our leaders. Yes, they control the minds of our people through their sponsored and interest-based publications in their media outlets such as the BBC and the CNNs which our people have come to believe so much in them.

I understand that most of our leaders are not as democratic the world would want them to be; but is democracy really the best form of government for Africa.

I do not condone patronage, ethnicity and all forms of criminality, but I believe that African leaders today face a peculiar challenge of emancipating the critical masses from the various economic bottlenecks imposed on us by the neo-colonially structured enclave economy of the continent. To achieve this, some unconventional approaches are necessary.

Mugabe made mistakes, yes, but much of the difficulties the Zimbabweans are facing today may not be attributable directly to his decisions but rather the unfair sanctions from the west. He may have rushed his decisions but by and by action was necessary. Zambia is blessed today in that we did not give up our land to the colonialists but that was not the case for Zimbabwe and South Africa.

That’s why I believe that if Africa is to be totally liberated economically, there is a need for unity, politically and economically. The idea of sovereignty of individual African nations was strategically devised by the imperialists to make it difficult for Africa to unshackle herself from economic injustice of the global economy. It makes it difficult for one African nation to intervene in another’s economic difficulties for fear of facing similar sanctions.

That’s why I believe that just like, Sankara and Gaddafi, Mugabe was The Lone Wolf of Africa.

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