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Society-Systems Are Designed To Shut Your Mind From Finding The Path To Your Potential

by Maradona Chalwe

After doing some research on how our society-systems functions on the human mind, I realized that the majority of systems imposed on our minds are not meant to bring out the best potential out of humans, a few does, but the majority of them function to hide and lock inside the human potential.  

For example; just look at how school, government and religious systems have combined to create a subtle atmosphere of dependency that places and keeps the individual in a state of mental bondage. As a result, most people look outside of themselves to do for them what they should be doing for themselves.

Look at how the school-system conditions the great majority for a job, to work for a few people of this world who own businesses, were they spend years and years being controlled financially, mentally and timely when they have the capacity to become financially independent or open up their own business or businesses too. We are never taught to mind our own businesses in school, but to mind, in fact conditioned to mind a few people’s life business of this world.

The motive behind school-system is to teach students to only follow instructions, never taught to think for one self and in addition never even taught to question those instructions if they are healthy for one’s life or not.

Look at how the government-system has conditioned the majority to wait for it to do things they are capable to do for themselves; always waiting for the government to give us jobs that it does not create. We wait for the government to solve our financial problems when in reality its own self has failed to solve its own financial problems. People who depend or wait for the government to solve their financial problems will always find themselves in Stroke and high BP.

“The government depends on you to exist” – Maradona Chalwe

Look at how religions have conditioned to follow their own beliefs and brain washed the great majority that they is a god up there in the sky. They is no God up there in the sky, his within you and you are also a god; realize this truth and you will begin to bring out the best potential outside yourself. In short, religion is man’s attempt to find God as if God was lost in the first place. Your potential exists within you, not outside yourself or in someone else, and that potential is the god within you and that is you yourself. The problem is we are never taught such by the common religions we have found ourselves in.

The problem of following majority of societies-system beliefs is that they don’t allow you to think for your own self, but to think in the crowd mentality, and once you try or begin to think for yourself, you will be viewed as a threat to system’s controllers and followers. I have experienced this the moment I said I no longer want to go back to school and want to do my own things rather just settling my life for a job; most of my friends and family members thought now am becoming a bum, crazy and stubborn; it’s not because they could not understand, it’s just that they have been conditioned since childhood to follow and believe to look for a job as the only way of life, as the only way to survive financially and live successful in this life, when in reality there millions of ways to become successful in this life, not just through school and a job.

Truth is society systems have a role they play in our societies, but don’t let their beliefs play a role on your mind without your consent. Question them, question their roots, some systems have become obsolete and old today, but we are busy following them ignorantly and without even questioning them. Question everything in this life, some society systems are more dangerous to your life that’s why you are kept or have been kept in ignorance about your potential within you all along. It’s only by being brutally honest to question, study or research that in turn you will realize which system suits, is health and is sustainable for your life.

Question your religion, your government, your school, question everything, this is the reason why you are born with the greatest gift your own mind, to use it by your own self to question and find answers that will free your consciousness, and not others to use you for their own advantage.

“It’s either you use your mind for your own benefit or others use it for their own benefit” – Maradona Chalwe

Therefore am advising you to not just follow because everyone is following and doing, question what you want to follow or what you have been following if it brings out the best love and potential out of you, if not, un-follow it, drop it, like I said some beliefs or religions are disempower humanity potential. True potential is not found in the crowed mentalities, but in the minority and personal mentality. It does not mean if everyone is doing it then its right, No; throughout history the majorities have always found themselves leaning on wrong ladder to success simply because following and doing what everyone else is doing it’s not a guarantee that all is right and it’s not even a guarantee to a successful life.

I love what Albert Einstein said that “The one who follows the crowd will usually go on further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been”. My path to success cannot be your path, that’s why you must find your own path to success and mind your path as your business.

So what’s the best system you might want to be introduced to your society? The best system is that which will open people their own eyes to their own greatness; to the potential they never realized existed within themselves, such new teachings is needed to be introduced in our societies. Take control of your own mind; my path to success might not be your path, that’s why you must learn to find your own path that works for you.  

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