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You Don’t Need Money To Start A Business

by Maradona Chalwe

I don’t believe that to start a business all you need is money or capital money, that’s why many never get to start. Many times all you need is to perfect your skills or talents and the people with money will get attracted to you and give you the money you need for a business, or a friend or someone else will partner up with you because of your special skills or talents required in that business, and a jack pot is, the money for a business you need, will come.

Have you ever observed that most people who run businesses don’t have the skills that many employees have or their business partners have? This must awaken your mind up about this reality of running a business; you just don’t necessarily need to know everything to start a business.

Just always remember that to start a business, you don’t necessary need money, what you necessary need is what you have right now and utilize that to the maximum of your productivity.

And do you know what you have right now?

  • You Have The Mind: Mind is your greatest asset you have, invest in it wisely. And you must invest in it the entrepreneurship information and principles, and this is what most people miss out who clam to want to start a business, and they might think they want money, while all they need is to learn and understand entrepreneurship principles first.
  • You Have Time: Invest time wisely in activities that will enrich you to progress your life forward.  
  • You Have Family: Utilize and spend more time with those family members who understand you and believe in you.
  • You Have Friends: Boyfriends or girls friends; utilize these friends you hang around with you wisely. If your friends are not making your life a progress each day that comes, find new friends, life is too short and miserable to spend your precious time with scam bags and idiots.
  • Your Mouth Is Capital: Just knowing how to speak business language is enough business capital. Just knowing how to persuade people to buy a product or a service, it might not be your product or service but just knowing how to speak business language, that is capital enough. You can sell products or services for others for a commission, and that is capital for you to start a business. Your mouth is capital.

Spend time with people who see greatness in you even when you don’t see it in yourself, these are real friends. Always remember that you become the people you spend most of your time with, let this sink in your head, and choose friends wisely.

Starting a business is all about starting with what you already have, and what you already have will drive you to have what you don’t have right now. We have been told this millions of times that, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; let this sink in your head.

Good Lucky.

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