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Change Is The Order of The Universe

by Maradona Chalwe

If there is one thing the great majorities run away from, is change. Many of us want change, but the biggest the problem is this, many of us don’t want to change. In addition, society-systems have conditioned many to an extent that we are always waiting for someone else to change the things bothering us even when we have the ability and capacity to change that which bothers us; just look at how the majority wait for a politician to change their own lives for them.  

For example; just take a look at mental hospitals how they are filled with patients who are unable to face change. These people have created ways to try and not escape from it. And moreover in the first place what drove them there is failure to change. And if they is one thing even more certain than death and taxes, is inevitability of change.

No one can avoid it; no one can run away from change; that’s why you and I must learn to accept and look forward to it. In fact, change is what you want; you must understand that wanting things to be as they are today tomorrow destroys lives; in short sameness destroys creativity and will quickly have you banging on the psychiatrist’s door. People caught up in this cycle are the slaves to sameness.  

Change means changing your way of thinking, it is letting go of the old thinking, the old ways of living, and letting go of the old and unempowering activities, relationships, habits or beliefs. And it is also being willing to give up things the way they are, to have them the way you want them to be. Change means to adapt, to keep moving forward.

“Change your life before change changes you to the way you do not want to change too” – Maradona Chalwe

And the truth is this; no one else will do that for you. If you want change, go out there and make the change you want. The fact is this; we all have the ability and the time at hand to be and have that change we want. It’s our own responsibility, and no one else’s to change your life, but change will always change you if you resist change, and change you resist will change you for worse. Adapt, learn and change, simply because change is the order of the universal life.

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