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Why You Must Stop Looking Down On People?

by Maradona Chalwe

Number one thing is; that’s being stupid, a fool plus an idiot in addition, that’s why you must stop it.  

Second thing is; people change, everyone can become successful in this life and the person you could be looking down today that they can never become or do anything worth in life; you might find yourself you are a slave to that person tomorrow; life not fair, it might become unfair for you tomorrow.

Third thing is; you are not serious with what you do with your life, if you are serious with what you do with your life, why spend your precious time looking down on people who seem to do nothing with their own lives? Such thinking doesn’t make a sense. In fact the time such people spend looking down on others is the same time those they are looking down at are investing in to surpass them, sooner or later they will be the one looked down at.

Fourth, whoever you are looking down at, that shows already that is above you. Question is, if he or she is already below your standard, why worst your precious time looking down on that person? If something has lost or has no value for your life, why still spend your time paying attention to it? 

Spend your time wisely, success achieved today is not final destination, they is always more to achieve in this life, while you are thinking you I have arrived, someone else is thinking, planning and doing more than your destined success.  

Stop looking down on people and start lifting up people; its only in lifting others up that you build a pillar to stand on too, but when you push others down, cut others in order for them to remain failures, you are cutting your pillars and by the time you realize, you are already down too.

“The keys to success, are the people” – Maradona Chalwe

Helping others to become successful is helping yourself to become successful too; it has been said often that “If you give others a better life, you will receive a better life in return”.

Its people who make people become successful, and this is why you must give help, whether they help you back or not; of course others will help you back others won’t, but that must never be your reason for not rendering any help; we help others simply because we are born and made to give and moreover you can’t have if you do not give, many are always lacking because they always give little to none at all, and the principle is so simple, “Give and you will be given”, and if you don’t give why you must expect to receive? That’s insanity. 

Stop looking down on people, stop pulling your friends down and start pulling friends up and forward to success; it’s the people who have been the pillars to the success you have achieved and living today, the keys to success, are the people. So, do unto others as you want others to do unto you.  

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