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We All Want To Move Forward In Life – Dominic Kapalu

by Maradona Chalwe

Thirteen (13) Reasons Why We Have Not Done So?

In life we all have dreams, ambitions; we all want to move from where we are to where we want to be. For most of us this just ends up as a dream which we never achieve.

The conductor dreams of driving the bus one day, the maid dreams of owning a beautiful house of her own one day, the teacher dreams of owning his own school one day, the Doctor wants to make his own Hospital. The list goes on and on but how many have actualized their dreams. In all spheres of life it is the same.

Have you ever sat down to identify what actually stops you from moving forward? Come with me as we go through some of the thirteen reasons why.

  • Mind Issues: The mind is a powerful tool. Once the mind tells you it cannot be done then forget. You need positive vibes around you as the mind forms from what you hear, see and feel. My example Costing.
  • Certainty: Humans like certainty. They want to know what and where the next meal will come from. When the next salary is coming and how much. This discourages them from moving.
  • Rejection: The fear of rejection makes you not try out new things. Just because someone said no to you does not mean everyone else will do the same. Try again, keep trying.
  • Status Quo: Comfort zone, if it aren’t broken don’t change it, it has kept people from exploring new horizons. What will happen when I go to the new place or town? Losing my connections I have become so accustomed to.
  • Routine: You are used to the routine and you now operate on the subconscious level and moving will mean learning new things or unlearning what you have mastered so well.
  • Age: Why would I want to learn new things at this age? Hello smell the coffee, you are not too old to learn. A lot of people have achieved much in their later stages of life. Do not let your age hold you down.
  • Change: A lot of us fear change. Change is good. It exposes you to new barriers which you need to conquer. Zamin lecturers.
  • Starting all Over: Most people do not like to start all over again so they would rather maintain the status. Love again, study again etc If it is necessary just start all over. Will you stay in an abusive marriage because of not wanting to start all over again?
  • Failure: The last time you tried something ended in failure. Only people who try fail and to succeed you need to try. If you do not succeed in whatever you doing at least you got experience and learnt one more way of how it is not done.
  • Experience: Experience can be both good and bad. If you had a bad experience at one point it discourages you from trying again as your subconscious will keep reminding you of what happened last time.
  • Resources: Lack of resources has impeded many. But remember that if you have a great idea resources will look for you i can assure you. If resources were the problem some rich people would not be going broke. If you have a great idea people will pump in resources.
  • Lack of exposure: You cannot miss what you do not know. If I talk to you about sitting on the beach in Bali being serenaded whilst having a full platter of seafood that won’t register because you have not experienced it. Similarly a villager who has never been to town does not miss town. But bring the villager to town for two weeks then take him back. His life will never be the same again.
  • Risk analysis: Too risk averse. Some people succeed because they just do it and it goes their way. Of course that is risky sometimes. But some opportunities we miss because of too much analysis and that stop us from moving to where we want to be.

In conclusion, this list is not conclusive but my hope is that you have picked up one or two things which will help you to move forward.

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