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Two Types of Employee Mentality At A Company

by Maradona Chalwe

Most employers or business owners don’t know or understand that they are two types of employee mindsets, the job do employee and the driver employee mentality. And the biggest problem for most employers is, they only know or understand the one side of the coin, the just do your job employee.

Job Mentality Employee

This mindset its goal at a company is to keep a job, to get, to keep a paycheck, and they can do any unnecessary or necessary thing in order to keep that job. They want to be so close to the boss or supervisor so that favors could be on their side, they can gossip, or lie, or cheat, just to be liked or seeing that are royal to their employer when in reality all they want is attention and to keep a job. Such employees create, they can create a bad name for the other employees for the sake of just being liked.

Moreover, this is the group that stabs fellow employees or friends back in our societies, the so called “Am just doing my job. The am just doing what am told to do”. Such a mentality causes more unnecessary confusion and politics that draws back a company’s progress, and make a work place becomes a mentally deteriorating environment for the employees.

So, be on the watch if you are in the way to join or you have a job at any company already, and so are employers or business owners too, keeping or entertaining such a mentality even if is your favorite company marketer, such a mentality is deadly than a bite of a snake.

Driver Mentality Employees

This group is always few in many companies. These guys are not necessary on a company for a paycheck, no; these guys often have already something they do or they have been doing, and they come in with motivation to drive the business or company forward; they want to learn, want to progress and continual challenging themselves with new tasks on that company; unlike a job mentality employee who always feel threatened by other fellow employee’s progress.

The driver mentality employee is the best to surround yourself with if you are starting a company or already have, simply because they are not necessarily there for money, but to help you drive your company dream or vision forward. They make a great team member and great managers too. And in addition the driver employee mentality talk less and speak louder in actions, while the other it’s the opposite.

The Problem Comes In

The biggest problem comes in when an employer listens too much to the job mentality employee who focuses on money more than the driver employee who focuses on driving the vision of the company forward.

Point: The business becomes the mentality of people surrounded by it.

The other problem comes in when an employer starts threatening the driver mentality instead of inspiring it. Truth is the driver mentality doesn’t like being threatened, and by doing so you give such a person room to prepare to leave, go find somewhere else or go do their own things where they feel appreciated, inspired, feel free to express their creativity and drive ideas forward.

Do you know why companies have small creative departments and large dormant departments? It’s because most employee’s creativeness is threatened and not motivated and inspired to grow. As an employer all you have to do to a driver mentality is to trust them, motivate and inspire them, and maturely talk to them if they have made a mistake; if they don’t listen you can let them go, but they always listen, because they are drivers not followers. Let them lead the way, and or you have to do is just pitch ideas to them; they will advice, if to drive that idea forward or not, that’s team work mentality.

Either you are an employee or employer it’s a must to get to understand the mentalities of the people you work with or who work for you. People work for a company with and for different reasons or different goals.  

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