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4 Reasons Why You Keep On Facing The Same Problems? – Maradona Chalwe

by Maradona Chalwe

Many of us wonder and complain why we keep on facing the same problems often, or year after year that comes, and for others it seems they will never get over them, well others get over them and while others remain stuck with them; and they is a cause for such.

Here are the 4 reasons why people keep facing the same problems over and over;

First: Don’t Want To Accept The Problem

You don’t want to accept the problem or something that happened, you denial instead of accepting that which happened or happening. As long as you don’t accept the situation at hand, you will keep on facing that same problem you denial. The only solution here is acceptance, I made a mistake, I caused this problem, which is easier said than done for many and if you accept, and then life goes on in the next stage. Sometimes a problem cannot continual happening physically, but it can continual happening and repeating it’s self in your mental world for not accepting it.

Second: You Have Not Learnt A Lesson

We all make mistakes, but if you can’t learn from your made mistakes, then you are doomed to be a repeat of them. If you can’t learn from history mistakes, history mistakes will repeat themselves. For example; financial crushes keep happening over and over because our governments and its citizens don’t want to learn from the past financial mistakes, so we have this financial crises happening now.  

If someone can’t learn from the made mistakes, then that someone will never grow out of that situation. Learn a lesson from the made mistake and it will be easier for you to progress forward with your life too.

Third: Don’t Want To Adapt To Change

You don’t want to adapt to new changes, for example many are still stuck in the old industrial age mentality when actually we are in the new technological world mentality where technology is doing more human labour jobs, but still many are in the old world of looking for a job instead of leveraging technology to do some jobs for them.

Using the same road always leads to same destination, same situations over and over, and as Albert Einstein defined “Insanity as the doing the same things but expecting different results”, its until someone changes their old root way of thinking, to a new modern way, they adapt to new changes, then the results will change too.

And if you don’t want to let go of old beliefs that no longer works effective today and simply because they make you feel comfortable; it’s as true as said that humans cannot move forward until they let go of old, obsolete ideas. And if you cannot adapt to new changes, then no doubt, extinction is your harvest. We have people who are mentally obsolete and extinct in moving bodies, and these are today’s greatest liabilities we have in our societies.

Get this point: Survivability is Adaptation.

Forth: You Don’t Want To Share

There is an old Native Indian proverb that says “If you are given a gift and you do not share it, it becomes a curse”. Today many people are facing poverty after poverty because they do not want to share what they already have at hand to their world that can bring them money and other opportunities to their side. Everyone has something to share, has a talent, but many sit on them and do nothing with them. Many people have got brilliant ideas, but don’t want to share them, and they wonder why their lives are always lacking.

It’s by sharing that’s where you get to receive and have more in return. If you give a good life, you will receive a good life in return. If you can be the source of creativity and ideas, and share those ideas with the world, you’ll always have work and success.

If we don’t accept, learn, adapt, and don’t share what we have, then it will be as Pema Chodron said, “Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know”, until we begin to accept, learn, adapt and share what we have, then success and progress will become our lifestyle. 

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