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Why You Must Work To Learn?

by Maradona Chalwe

For what reason have you taken the job you currently have?

For what reason do you want the job you seek right now?

Most people look at a job as a means to just make money, a means to an end. The rich in mind look at a job as a learning experience to acquire knowledge of how a certain department operates at company, skills of how to run a company or certain business project, that later on pays off huge dividends down the road. The other takes a job as an end to earning and the other takes it as a beginning to earning more in life.

“Learning experiences and skills of success is king secret to success today” – Maradona Chalwe

Many of us our perception towards a job is to make money, not learning, and most people have worked for 30 years in a company just doing the same things over and over and never get to grow beyond that working environment.

Some people have worked as a teacher or police officer for 35 years in the government and the only success they truly claim to achieve is a degree, a car, a house and a promotion, am not saying this is a bad idea no, but all am saying is, this is not the way the rich people think about their lives; actually they is more we can achieve than just having a degree, a car or a promotion at a job.

Just out of school, many of us are so focused on earning money through a job such that we end up living with the little experience and skills of money we earned and we wonder why we never get to have more money out of life. If you look at the word learn, it holds two words in it; L = stands for Learn and Earn its self, and we wonder why a few entrepreneurs gets to make more money than the average employee person; complaining so much why the salaries are so little, worrying of the bills at home, higher taxes from the government, while a few do not worry about such issues.

The world’s richest people are entrepreneurs, not because of earning more, but because of learning more, as it has been said nothing stops success like a mind that has learnt it all, the process of entrepreneurship is never graduating, but continuous and consistently learning new experiences, tactics, techniques, strategies or any skills available at hand.

The cardinal key here is; “Learn more and you do more. Learn little and you will do little”

Rather than looking for a highest paying job, find a job, work that will allow you to learn the skills and insights that you’ll need to become more successful as investor or a business owner later on in life. I am not saying don’t work to earn, no, you can, but put working to learn as your first life priority, it pays off huge sums later on in life.

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