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If You Need Praise; Forget Being An Entrepreneur

by Maradona Chalwe

Did you know that many employees have been manipulated, conditioned to always wanting to be praised, always wanting to hear how great employees they are and how they do a great a job even when deep down themselves know that they aren’t that good or great? Every employee wants to be praised, yes employees need it the most, and that’s why it is understood that it’s also a tactic of motivating employees to work hard at a job, Praising.

This is not a case for entrepreneurs, you won’t hear any of that unless you tell yourself and mostly when you are beginning your entrepreneurship journey. Your praise comes in the form of making money, from yourself, from picking up yourself from your failures and not from someone or anyone else; you are always on your own.

Listen to what the billionaire entrepreneur advised that, “If you need words of encouragement, don’t become an entrepreneur”.

If you want to become an entrepreneur or to start a business to be praised, please don’t follow that feeling, because you will be disappointed and it’s going to be a while before you really get the praise you’re looking for in the entrepreneurship world. It takes time, possibly years and years. So you are encouraged, be your own praise.

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