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The 7 Languages of Money

by Maradona Chalwe

Money has a language and that language is mostly expressed through actions of how we acquire, spend or use that money. And the expression of this language is what differentiates the poor from the rich, or the successful from the unsuccessful. As said from the ancients, life and death is in the power of tongue and so is poverty or a wealthy life expressed through the language that comes out of the tongue. 

And here are the seven words of money;

  • Income;
    • Ordinary Income: Earned income from salaries or wages.
    • Portfolio Income.  
    • Passive Income.
  • Expenses;
    • Expenses or liabilities take away money from your pocket. The number one expense for most people is taxes. Other types of expenses are housing, food, clothing, medical care, education and entertainment.
  • Assets;  
    • Business, real estate, paper assets and commodities. Assets put money in your pockets. Also assets adds, multiplies value in your mind.
  • Liabilities
    • A liability takes away money from your pocket. Also a liability takes away value from your mind. Remember that people you hang around with can also be liabilities to your life too, choose your company wisely.
  • Debt
    • There is good debt and there is bad debt. Good debt makes you successful, bad debt makes you poor.
  • Cash flow
  • Capital Gains

The great majority in this world doesn’t know or understand the language money, and this is also a major reason why many are poor and are in financial ignorant till date, lack of knowledge.

A successful life begins with successful words; which means words represent how someone’s mind is set, and mind is what reflects the lifestyle someone is experiencing. That’s why the rich are rich because they use rich words and on the other hand that’s why the poor are poor because they use poor words.

Knowing these languages of money is very important because that’s where the foundation of a successful financial life begins from, as Rich Dad said, “If you want to be rich; take the time to learn the language of money”. Do more research on these languages of money and you will be amazed to know what truly makes a few people become richer and what makes what keeps the majority of the people poorer in this world.  

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