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Never Converse With Such People On Social Media!

by Maradona Chalwe
Social Media

They are both constructive and destructive argument; but this article does not only center for social media arguments alone, but applies to our physical arguments too. Often we spend so much time trying to convince people to agree with our ideas or opinions on social media when most conversations are better let go.

Fact is this, trying to convince people who don’t agree with your idea always leads to waste of time and hurt when it could have been avoided just reading from the start how the conversation will end.

Here is how you can read or tell from words outspoken that this conversation even though the topic is constructive is unworthy your time and better to step down before it back fires your attitude;

You Are Wrong: Often if you hear someone says you are wrong before you explain what you mean or meant; step down, often people who are quick to judge you are wrong before you have not explained to them fully, are not there to learn, but to pour their anger on you. There is no one way to do a thing; main roads can lead to one destination. If someone doesn’t want to listen to your side, drop out of that conversation immediately.

You Are A Liar or You Are Lying: How can someone tell another you are a liar when they have not understood first the stance of someone else’s statement, even court Judges don’t do such; just drop out, don’t waste time trying to convince someone who just called you a lair without understanding first what you posted on that social media platform. 

That Is Not What It Says or Was Said: Often these are deep religious believers people who are so closed minded that they only believe in one book that it says all and knows all about life. Just drop out of this conversation, trying to convince such people only leads to waste of time, and misunderstandings.

You Don’t Know What You Are Talking About: How can someone tell you that you don’t know what you are talking about when in the first place you knew that am going to post or I have to post this information on this social media platform? Such people don’t respond to listen or to understand, but only to judge. Don’t try to prove or convince the know it all person, they have no room to learn or understand you, all they know is all they know; so please just say thank you for your time, good day, and leave the conversation in one piece. 

Stop trying to convince such people even though your article or post on social media is true or constructive; it’s better to look like a loser than end up stupid and foolish. Understand that a continuous argument without understanding, leads to foolishness and stupidity. If you argue without coming to a constructive conclusion, then that means both those arguers are fools. Look at how the common famous religions argue over a silly matter, trying to prove that my god is the only god and a better god, this is stupidity!!                                                                          

Then another, just observe more especially on Facebook, some people just wake everyday to search or look for what or who to argue with, and not wake up to look or search for something to learn from or to learn with. Some people are social media arguer addicts, if they don’t find something to argue about, then depression is the end results, avoid such people, social media was made by intelligent people so that fools can use it to become more foolish, and so is the opposite.

I leave you with words by Paulo Coelho that “Don’t waste time with explanations, people only hear what they want to hear”.   

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