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Learn First, Then Remove The ‘L’

by Maradona Chalwe

Just immediately out of college, many of us are in a rush to find a job, to earn money only, such that we have ended up living with the little earned from a paycheck, and wonder why we never get to have more money even when we truly work very hard at a job.

Many want to earn more money but learn little to nothing about the subject of money. If you look at the word learn, it holds two words in it; L = stands for Learn and when you remove “L” you will remain with Earn, and we wonder why a few people for example entrepreneurs get to make more money than the average employee person, complaining so much why the salaries are so little, worrying of the bills at home, higher taxes from the government, while a few do not worry about such issues.

The world’s richest people are entrepreneurs, not because of earning more money, but because of learning more about the subject of money and the entrepreneurship process, as it has been said nothing stops success like a mind that has learnt it all; the learning process about money has no graduation, but a continuous and consistently learning new information, tactics, strategies, skills about money.

Learn more and you will do more. Learn little and you will do little. Learn more about the subject of money, get financially educated and you have 100% chances of earning more money than those that only depend on a paycheck after paycheck. 

Rather than looking for a paying job only, why not find a job, work that will allow you to learn the skills and insights that later on will help you to earn more out of this life. I am not saying don’t work to earn, no, you can, but make working to learn your life priority, it pays off huge sums later on in life, not just money, but life satisfaction and a fulfilled life.

If you learn little about life, you will earn little out of life.

The law is as said; the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know, and knowing that you know little will inspire you to learn more, and the more you will learn, the more you will earn. Therefore, Learn first, then remove “L” from learn, and then remain with earning.

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