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Losers Fear Being Different

by Maradona Chalwe

The definition of a loser is simple; “Just be and do whatever everyone else is being and doing, just fit in whatever society tells you to fit in, just follow whatever society tells you to follow”, you may feel like you are winning now, but later you end up are a loser and you will be a completely loser without knowing that you are a loser.

Some of us we know how society has conditioned people to do things as they are done and have been done without ever having the guts to question why they do what they do. And if you try to do anything that society does not do, you are a threat to society. Society here means your family, friends, school, and religion environmental beliefs, including government beliefs.

Society which is the combination of school, religion, more especially school has conditioned people to fit in; meaning if everyone is doing it, then everyone must do it. If you do what not everyone else is doing, then you do not fit into that society, and because most people have been conditioned already from school to fit in with what everyone else is doing, for example becoming an employee, they just follow what everyone else is doing, and if they have an idea to become different from rest, that subconscious conditioning from school of being and doing the same thing like everyone else stops them from being different even if they already have a different idea in their consciousness mind.

It does not mean that if everyone else is doing it then it is right, no! you are not here to do what everyone else is doing, you are here to create your own life, your own dreams, do your own thoughts, not other people’s things, you are here to live your own life, your own different life from everybody; that’s why you were born with your own mind, not everyone’s mind, a different body and not everyone’s body, so that you can think for yourself and do your own thing.

Tycon entrepreneur Sheldon Adelson: I will tell you the secret that nobody ever follows, “Just do things different; just do things in life the way other people don’t do them”

It’s not a sin to be different from everyone, I never hear a body saying am sinning because I don’t look like everyone else; you might wonder why most people are always wanting to be, do and look like everyone else?

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