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Overcome Fear of Losing Money If You Want To Establish A Business?

by Maradona Chalwe

What if I lose my savings?

What if I lose my salary?

What if I lose my friends or families money?

This what “If” question, has and is still killing so many people’s business dreams and ideas, and on forward.  

No one walk up one day and built a successful business without any loss of some money. The richest entrepreneurs have lost money before, have miscalculated, have over calculated some money before, but that never stopped their business dream; in fact that problem inspired them more to go on forward open businesses they have today.

Some business people have lost some money through being sued in courts, others through made unsold products or services, while others through stupidity, and others through not having knowledge of what they were doing, and others through relationships, but these mistakes never stopped them from getting up again and push forward more times. Every real entrepreneur will tell you that losing is part of winning, and to become a winner in any field you must be willing to fail first, you must lose that fear of losing. Every entrepreneur has lost something to make it to where they are today.

I am not saying that if you want to start a business you have to lose some money, No! All I am saying is such situations happen in the business world; just prepare to pick up that responsibility if such happens. And the question is what if you will not fail? Yet you let the fear of failure shut down your dreams? Just go make your business dreams come true.

It is the fear of failure, fear of losing of money that often holds back people from starting a business. It’s also the fear of losing money that stops small businesses from growing their businesses into big businesses.

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