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Don’t Just Take Them To School, Teach Them Money Making Skills Too

by Maradona Chalwe
Money Skills

The major problem with school is this, it only trainings kids to become employees, which is okay, because every society needs man working-power, but they is a big problem with school way of training that many parents and many of us don’t ever notice, kids are trained to become future customer tax payers for the government and future workers for a few rich people who own businesses.  

School does not train students how to make money, but how to work for money, and that is through jobs, that’s why you see the majority move from one paycheck to the other simply because that’s what they have been trained to be, do, have and share. Trained to look for a job and not trained to look for money making opportunities.

School only trains kids to believe the only way to a successful life is through school, without school you are nothing, that’s why many people pursue university as the road that lead to financial heaven, but later on without a sound financial retirement plan, they ended up in financial hell.  

Everyone is born rich, but school does not train people to become rich. The philosophy of the school-system training way is to create more employees, more tax-payers and not more entrepreneurs, that is why most entrepreneurs, most business people never got to finish school, they realized earlier that you do not require a college certificate to learn make money, to make money or to start a business, all you require is just the;

  1. Willingness to learn how to make money
  2. Willingness to learn to start a business

From someone already who has a business, of which you can even learn by just buying a business book, audio book or watch a business video on YouTube; and this is all street smart common sense knowledge available everywhere, but not available in the classroom. In this world where companies are disappearing, running out of jobs, it’s important than ever to learn money making skills, not just employee working skills. Yes, kids can go to school, but let them be taught entrepreneurship skills, money making skills too, even if they never get to find or have a job, they will start their own business, make their own money and survive out there, money making skills are survival skills, and this is a must skill to learn for you, your kids and your family today.

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Adams Mbawa September 16, 2021 - 12:01 pm

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