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Employee Advise: Always Remember This If You Have A Job!

by Maradona Chalwe

Being an employee, you can never be above your employer, why? Because you don’t own that job, your employer owns it.

And in this pandemic period we are in, of which you have seen how people have and are losing out businesses and jobs, I believe this is the right time as an employee to have a plan ‘B’ other than just sticking with your plan ‘A’ paycheck as the only the way to earn money.

The question you must be asking yourself is, what if I get fired today, or got sick, or had an accident and no longer able to work, how will I survive financially when I and my family only depend on this single paycheck as the only source of our income? The single biggest problem for many families or people today is not lack of opportunities, but lack of money, and that’s why majority prefer to become employees because that’s the only source of how to earn money they know.   

This is the reason why most people will always work for others, because that’s the only thing they have been taught to see, know and believe in, nothing less – nothing more, period. It’s what you believe in, that’s what you become and do to your life.  Remember that “You become what you believe in, not just what you think.”     

As an employee, in this difficult financial period we are passing through, it’s high time you had a financial plan B income. It’s high time you must create or build other sources of income, than just depending on that single source of income, that paycheck. It’s a suicide today, only to depend on a paycheck as your only source of income.

Start a side hustle business. Start a side hustle investment. Build other sources of income; let your paycheck also be another source of income, not the only source of income. The question still comes back to you, what if you lose your job today, or got sick today and unable to work? How will you and your family survive out there? The world is very harsh out there without money, that’s why it’s a must to have multiple sources of income, at list you will be on the safe side. Remember your job is not your job, it’s your employers and that makes it very easy for you to lose that job, as said it’s not yours. It’s as what Lily Tomlin said, “The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” Even if you have a job, it’s not your job, keep this in mind.


These said words are what most of those with jobs are going through today by Barbara Ehrenreich, “Employers have gone away from the idea that an employee is a long-term asset to the company, someone to be nurtured and developed, to a new notion that they are disposable.”  As S. Smiles put it too, “Though an inheritance of acres may bequeathed, an inheritance of knowledge and wisdom cannot. The wealthy man may pay others for doing his work for him, but it is impossible to get his thinking done for him by another, or to purchase any kind of self-culture.”

As said, as long as you are an employee, you have a job, that job is not your job, you can be fired today and get replaced immediately by someone else, you are disposable, sorry to use this term, but it’s the fact, am not going to fucking Shan away from this, as an employee you are a tool to be used, employers know this but they will never tell you such, but it’s the truth.   All what is being said here is, have a plan B, depending only on your paycheck as the only source of income is a suicide, its self assassination today. If others are building multiple sources income, you can do it too. Good luck.

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