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Money Is Not Limited, Not Hard To Get: Thinking And Implementation Is!

by Maradona Chalwe

Money is not limited and not hard to get; its thinking that is limited and hard for most people, that’s why so few engage in it. In truth the greatest torture for some people is to think and to make them to think. It’s true what somebody said, “What you can achieve is only limited by how far you can think.” Some people think small and others don’t even think at all, they are like robots; are only run and controlled by their poor habits and a few other people. 

It’s not lack of money that makes people poor; it’s the lack of money ideas that keeps the great majority poor. And most times its lack of implementation of money ideas that keeps most people poor. You are not poor because of lack of money; you are poor because you do not implement your money ideas into life. Ideas without action are useless.

Life is what you accept; here are the subconscious-belief word phrases that I often hear every day from some friends, family members and some other people I come across each day, which actually has made and makes people get poorer each day, and these are common phrases;

“I don’t have money’ ‘I can’t afford that amount’ ‘it’s too expensive’ ‘money does not grow on trees’ ‘you have to work hard to get money’ ‘money is hard to get’ ‘these days money is hard to find’ ‘money is difficult to keep’ ‘the country has shortage of money’, etc”.

Reality: You achieve your words, you become your words and you manifest your words; and your words become your life style. Change your words, your lifestyle changes too. As you start contemplating more about money, you will come to realization that money is what you think it is, and words you use towards money is the reflection of what you think money is. If you think you can only make money through a job, that’s what money is to you, become an employee then make money through a paycheck and so is the opposite too. “There is no shortage of money on this planet, only a shortage of people thinking big enough”, Grant Cardon, entrepreneur, and Author: If You’re Not First You’re Last.

Some people are still making more money and getting rich even in this middle of this Covid pandemic days. Think about this seriously? In difficult times the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It’s just mindset, NOT difficult times no, even in hard times some people are making more money, winning, and that is the mindset you must learn and become the winning mindset.

Question and do your own research how and why some people are winning in hard times and start thinking the way they are thinking too. If you want to become a winner, you must think like a winner, be a winner and action yourself as a winner. Once you learn to make money from ideas in your mind, you will realize that money is not limited, money is not hard to make, but its money making ideas that the majority lack and not money. Money is just an idea in someone’s head; easy to make or hard to make, it’s whatever you think it is.

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