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Don’t Subscribe To Idea of Fixed Income, Be Multiple

by Maradona Chalwe

The problem is so main students are so desperate to leave college in order to go get a job so that they can start earning, instead of being so curious to leave college and go get a job that will expand their learning and earning abilities. And major problem is, once they start getting a salary, they even stop learning and growing, they become fixed, and moreover their employer even takes charge of their emotional and financial life.

The person who signs your paycheck controls your life. Fact is your job culture environment controls part of your emotional life and your financial lifestyle is also controlled through that budget you make within that fixed monthly salary. And this is among reasons main get stuck and fixed in just earning from a job only. 

If you only earn from a job, and that job cannot expand your learning abilities, you are in deep shit. Earning only from a job limits you, puts you in short-term sight, and closes the mind from learning what you can earn beyond that job. What you are only earning is limited within a job circle. Get this, a side business hustle will expand and open more doors of your money making opportunities.

The belief that getting a job as the only way or only idea to make money is what limits and narrows many employees thinking. But if you think curiously, what money is? Money is just an idea and this simplifies that majority of employees have non ideas to make money, that’s why they stick to a job as the only idea to make money. Getting a job is an idea.

Listen: “You panic because you have an M.B.A. M.D or Ph.D but no Job? Jobs are reserved for those who don’t have wealth creation in mind; jobs have barred a lot people from being rich. You are highly favored, stretch your mind and create your wealth.”

Which is true, 99 percent of people who get a job have no wealth creation mind, that’s the reason why they only go for a job they believed into as the only way to make money. They work for a single limited idea, a job; which is actually limited in a fixed salary or predictable salary, and that salary has a fixed work time, and that fixed work time equals fixed income and this is why many end up conditioned for a fixed mental income salary.

Many get up every day and go work for money, not taking the time to ask the question, is their another way I can I have or create multiple sources of income, than just living and depending only on a single source of income?

Today having only one source of income a job, is a suicide, it’s a suicide in the sense that, what if you lose that job, get sick and can no longer work, or get into an accident and end physically disabled, how are you going to survive financially more especially if you have a family too?

You can never have multiple sources of income in just having a fixed salary and that only source come once every month end? To have multiple sources of income you must have multiple income time sources and no matter how little you earn from your multiple time income investment sources, you are far much better than that with one source of fixed income, a salary. And the beauty is, you can multiply those multiple sources, but if it’s a job, you either have to wait;

  • For a salary increment, and how long will you wait and what if they don’t increase your salary?
  • Either you to go to school to upgrade your degree and come back to be promoted in order to have a salary increment, but again how long will it take you?
  • And if its these other women, they can prefer sleeping with their bosses or supervisors just to get that promotion or salary increment, but is this the life someone needs to go through, jumping from sexual whatever just to get a favor of having a salary increment when actually there is another dignity way to have multiple sources of income?    

A fixed salary has never made anyone become wealthy, but building a business, doing some investments or becoming an entrepreneur has made many become wealthy and possible to have, earn multiple and unpredictable multi sources of incomes even just from small businesses or investments.

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