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What You Must Consider First As You Get A Job

by Maradona Chalwe


Find a job you will enjoy. Get this; if you hate your job, you hate yourself and you have made yourself a slave to that job. “If you are not happy in your work, you are a slave” said Wallace D. Wattles. Change your attitude towards that job you have, start loving it, if you can’t, then quit it, or change it. Most people complain, “Ooh I hate this job”, listen its being stupid to complain over something you can change.


If you are just getting a job for money only, you are a liability and you are in trouble too, because the day they will be no money you will be greatly be disappointed. Never just get a job for money only, get a job to learn other skills you don’t know. Skills like how to build a business, what it takes to build a business, how to build a team, what systems do they use in that business, how does the management run that company, sells, communicate and many more.

Get a job to learn skills you don’t know that you can implement for your own beneficial in future. “When you are young work to learn, not to earn”, Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author: Rich Dad Poor Dad.


Get a job that builds your talent/s and also find a job that challenges you to use your mental faculties to its maximum peak. Get a job that challenges you to use your initiative. After that, stand up to establish your own idea on the market place. Open up your own business and utilize those talents in your business.  

Each day is an opportunity to develop and improve your life through a job; but if you have a job that you hate, you don’t enjoy, you only do it for money, the job that drains your mental-enthusiasm, and a job that only pays bills and food; you are in big trouble; the moment that job will be taken away from you, the moment money won’t be there at that job, you will be greatly disappointed.   

Remember each day that passes without you utilizing opportunities in that labour you put out, it’s a today’s present life-time opportunities lost forever. Labour without learning, is wasted and labour without thought is perilous. People who don’t learn from what they do are doomed to failure. No matter what you do, your earthly life-time is limited, and if each day you work on projects that do not enrich you, it is time lost forever.

Good luck on the job you want.

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