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Therapy Needs To Be A Thing In Zambia – Enllet M. Nonde

by Maradona Chalwe

Energy transfers, bad and good, I realized this a while ago. Energy is spiritual I now understand the meaning of “Surround yourself with positive energy”.

People can transfer bad energy to you through complaining or just genuinely asking for advice, because you are listening to someone with an issue as an empath you will literally fit in their shoes and feel the emotions because that’s the only way you’ll be able to relate and probably help them find a solution.

The downside of this is you will probably help them find a solution and they will feel better but that energy would have transferred to you, depending on the type of situation, you may find that you remain with what it is they were feeling as they go off feeling better, you remain feeling low. There was a transfer of energy.

Therapy needs to be a thing in Zambia; we need professionals that can listen to people’s problems because people are out here damaging each other without even knowing it. I personally from now on will choose whether or not I can help with certain personal situations because I recently experienced a transfer of bad energy.

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