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You Want Success? Then Forget HH, Forget Government, And Fix Your Life – Maradona Chalwe

by Maradona Chalwe

Plant your feet, and stand firm. This is not a time to look up to President: Hakainde Hichilema if you want to become successful with your OWN life. Quiet ok you might say, I helped Bally by voting him to become the President of The Republic of Zambia, yes that was very good indeed, love it too. But, what next is for you after voting him into presidency?


Fact is this; he did not say that he will come door to door, mind to mind to fix and better our own lives, No! Ati “Bally Will Fix It”, sorry to say this, Bally did not say he will fix your personal problems troubling you alone, but am sure its Governmental, economical problems Zambians are experiencing at nation level, that’s what he meant to fix as a priority; if all can be fixed.  

A slave is a person who waits for someone to come and free him

Your personal problems are your own 100% responsibility to solve, and mind this, if you can’t solve them, then don’t expect anyone will solve them for you or will change your life for you, and moreover not even God can solve problems for you if you cannot solve them by your own self. It’s only you who has that power in your mind to change and make your life better; yes the government can support with resources that will make people’s lives better, but if you don’t take those resources and use them wisely to your advantage, nothing will change or improve with your life. Change is you, and change will not change without you. 

Even if we have changed the government, but without putting in your personal effort to change, you will continual complaining and blaming like the majority did in the Patriotic Front (PF) government. My advice is let Bally do his governmental job and you also do your own job, and that job of yours is to successfully plan, develop and improve your personal and family lifestyle.

“There is no government that can improve our lives without our active involvement in the process” – @Tina Banda.


Students or graduates, guys be adaptive, some of you don’t have jobs not because they’re no jobs, but because you are not adapting to technology and its changes its bringing in the work environment. Technology is everyday taking over jobs, but you are still stuck in the old way of thinking and doing things, saying that they’re no jobs; jobs are still there, just learn to be adaptive to changes ahead.

“What’s screwing the job seekers the most isn’t the government. Its technology, the faster you realize that, the better” – @Deego Deego. 


Our school still program kids to look for jobs. Advising people to go to school to learn to be an employee is as obsolete as advising young people to become peasants and work for a landlord. People need to be trained to be investors and entrepreneurs, not just employees only.

In a rapidly changing world, nothing is more dangerous than an idea whose time has come and gone. People losing their jobs and companies are disappearing. I believe this education sector needs improvement the more. I believe firmly Zambian people especially among the youths need more education trainings in schools on self-reliant livelihood skills and not more on employee-reliant life skills, so that students will not only graduate from college with one choice to life a “job”, but graduate with many choices to life, survival-sense; that if this does not work, I still have other options that will make a living for my life.  

Survival-sense depends on adaptability, and our education sector needs to adapt to new modern changes than the old obsolete 20th century it’s still currently operating on when actually we are in the modern 21st century Tech-Information generation. An old map is an old map and a new map is a new map. Our education sector is not helping students to become self reliant if it cannot let go of its old, obsolete 20th century industrial age training ideas of only preparing kids for a job after college.  


Students are so anxious that we will have jobs now in this new UPND government, sorry, not everyone will have that job, and probably you who is reading this article. Get my point not having a job does not mean they’re no jobs, some of you your purpose is to create jobs for others, but you are still sited and sleeping on that potential, on that idea that you must use to start a business and create employment for the unemployed out there.

Think about this, “If you are given a gift, and if you do not use that gift, it ends up becoming a curse”. Some of us are experiencing poverty in our homes not because of lack of money or other opportunities, but we are in poverty because we are not using that potential already within us around us and surrounding us, that when utilized well, will elevate our lives out of poverty and miserable lifestyles. This reminds me of how I see so many rich people in poor environments. We are all born rich; but it’s just these common society learning systems that makes us poor.

Like I said, change is you, and change will not change without you, you are two in one and inseparable. Get this fact;  

“Don’t be misled into believing that somehow the world owes you a living. The boy who believes that his parents, or the government, or anyone else owes him his livelihood and that he can collect it without labor will wake up one day and find himself working for another boy who did not have that belief and, therefore, earned the right to have others work for him”

– Mr. David Sarnoff.

This is not the time to be waiting for Bally fix your personal responsibility for you. This is the only time you have to start contributing and adding value to yourself, to your community with that gift already within you. Think, meditate, and learn from others, the way is already here, all the answers you seek are already within you, and you are that answer to that change you desire and believe in will make your life better.


It has been proven that people who stand up to do great things for their world never play it small, they always play it big as Nelson Mandela did and said, “The world doesn’t need more people to play small.” President: Hakainde Hichilema aka Bally and his UPND party never played it safe or small during all his election campaigning years, it was very risk, it was always at the edge of life and death; Bally has been jailed before for being falsely accused of a top crime “TREASON”, he has been to Mukobeko Maximum prison, and you, you want to play it safe and small because you voted, come on, stop being a Kembo (lazy bum) life is not safe or small, pick yourself up, it’s time to start hustling the streets are waiting for you, it’s time to start thinking big, thinking great and act aggressively forward to greatness.

Today is the only day, only time and the only chance to start planning and working to make your life better and on forward. Your future is now.


Your mindset is your lifestyle. Your responsibility now is to start investing good governance, good habits, and good thinking in your mind; simply put, you are the product of your own thoughts you entertain in your own mind, be it positive or negative, whether you believe this or not, your mindset is your lifestyle.

You cannot have an advanced standard of living without first having an advanced standard of thinking. You are all you have got to develop your life for better. Moreover, (Forward) means (Growth) and a growth mindset and life must become my way of life, your way of life and our way of life as a nation of Zambia from now and on forward if we are develop this country together. A country’s development or underdevelopment is a reflection of its citizen’s mindsets.   

Reminder: Your personal development is not Bally’s responsibility, neither it’s governments, but it’s your personal responsibility. Therefore, forget bally and you just focus on making the best life for yourself, your family and let Bally and his government do their job too.  

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Misheck August 20, 2021 - 9:45 am

Thank you so much for the necessary educative article sir.

Maradona Chalwe August 20, 2021 - 10:23 am

Thank you very Sir too. For taking your time to ready through, it’s such a warmful encouragement from you too. Thank you

Adams Mbawa August 23, 2021 - 7:36 am

This is mind blowing sir. I’m blessed to have you in my inner circle.


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