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Find A Job You Love And Learn From The Job You Hate – Burton Chishimba

by Maradona Chalwe

Many love the feeling of knocking off from a job, but hate the feeling of working on that job. If you hate your job, you hate yourself. If you don’t love your job, you don’t love yourself, that’s why you feel and experience that hate, boredom and uninspired when you are in that work environment. You cannot say I love my life, and then you do what you hate for a living.

What you hate, rules you, controls you; that’s why many people are controlled by their jobs and employers. They walk up in the morning rush to work; work very hard because they are scared not to get fired, then what? Fear rules them, and they spend their entire energetic years complaining on that job, not because they love it, but because they fear losing that job. Fear controls their lives. If you fear losing your job that’s a clear indication, a warning that you must leave that job first, before you is left first. 

Most employees think it’s the responsibility of their employer to make them happy? Sorry, a job is a job and happiness is happiness. And also the employer’s happiness must not depend on an employee, because happiness is not in someone else, its already in you, that favorite employee of yours can leave that job, or can die, can get sick, or can get in an accident and you can remain hurt. Happiness depends on you alone.  

You can have a job and not be happy, and you can be happy and not have a job. It’s your responsibility to make yourself happy, not someone else. If you are not happy at a job, it’s your own fault and your responsibility to change it; if you can’t, then leave that job and find somewhere else you will be happy about. If you hate that job, find out why you hate that job, otherwise happiness is your own responsibility.

Note: It’s high time you started doing what you love and started loving what you do, if you are to serve yourself from that miserable emotional lifestyle of complaining and blaming others for things you are responsible for.

Find a job you love and learn from a job you hate if in it now, and then move on or find a job you would love to work at. If you are happy and love what you do, you will be more innovative, at peace, more social and open to face any work challenges in that work environment. What you focus on is what you get in life.

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