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4 Tools The Rich Use To Get More Richer

by Maradona Chalwe

It’s in how these tools are used, that’s what differentiates the results we all get at the end of the day, successful or unsuccessful.

#1 Tool: Money

Money is a tool, a tool for what? It’s a tool to make more money, a tool to create more opportunities to make more money. Successful people use money to create businesses, create investments, build cash flowing assets and create rapport relationships with people who have business ideas and money, that which the poor and middle class don’t actually do more with their money. The rich don’t work for money, but they use the money to create more opportunities of making more money. Money is a tool.  

#2 Tool: Employee

Someone is asking how can a human being be a tool? As long as you work for someone else, you are a tool, that’s the fact. An Employee is a tool who labors for the business owner’s business ideas or dreams to produce or provide products and services to be sold on the market place. That’s why they are called employees or servants. In the old kingdom ship days, employees were called slaves, and then graduated into servants, and now in this modern day they are called employees. The fact is the rich have money and people working for them, and this makes it easier for them to get rich and richer.  

#3 Tool: Mind

The human mind is designed to work for man. It’s a tool created to work for man, and not man created to work for mind. But if you don’t understand and don’t know how the mind must work, and don’t know how to think constructively, the mind will work against you.

The job of the mind is to give you what you think. If think poverty, it will work for you to give you a poverty lifestyle, and if you think and want success, it will work for you to give you a successful lifestyle. It’s what you think, that’s what you attract, create and manifest as your lifestyle. It is as you think, so shall you become, simple. 

The rich people understand that their mind is there servant, that’s why they are always careful with the thoughts, advice and association they entertain in their minds and lifestyles. That’s why they think success thoughts, get success advice, associate with successful minded people, watch and read success information or knowledge, and end result is a success lifestyle; and so are the poor people think poor thought, entertain poor advice, associate with poor minded people, watch and read poor information; and everyone at the end of the day is paid in accordance to what they entertained in their own minds.

Therefore the only difference between a rich person and poor person is simple; a rich person thinks rich and acts on rich thoughts, and a poor person thinks poor and acts on poor thoughts. Mind is a tool designed to work for you, therefore, use it wisely so that it can enrich your lifestyle for better.

#4 Tool: Machines

If an employee, money, and mind can make a rich person get richer; so even the machines employees use when working make the owners of the businesses get richer, successful and wealthy more too. If a business owner runs a transportation business, and he has employees who are drivers, of those buses or trucks to that transport people or goods for a fee paid from one destination to the other, that’s a machine making money for that business owner. 

Now you know why entrepreneurs, business owners, investors or employers become successful or rich with their lives. They have money, employees, machines and minds working for them, for example of minds are a company lawyer mind, accountant mind, management minds, IT minds, marketing minds, production/delivering  minds, CEO minds etc, and that’s why they get richer and successful with their lives  simply because they have more money making tools working for them.

The rich have tools working for them and the rest work as a tool for the rich.

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