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The Addiction of An Investor – Maradona Chalwe

by Maradona Chalwe

Addiction is the secret to success and so is the secret to failure too. What then is that secret addiction?

The investor’s addiction is using what others don’t use, to benefit their own ideas, dreams or businesses. The truth is this, if you don’t use your mind, your creativity or your gifts, the investor will hire you, use your mind, your creativity or your talent to build, develop and bring his dreams into life.

The only way you can become successful with your life is by becoming an investor, someone who knows how multiply what is at hand to create more of what is at hand. Investors invest what most people don’t want to invest, for example money, investors spend money on creating more assets that brings in more money and value into their lives, the rest spend money on accumulating things or liabilities that fades and depreciates in value along the way.

Investors use that which looks useless to most people and make it more useful to themselves and to their society. For example, how do you use problems happening in your society?

Investors invest time to solve problems happening in their societies that later pays them money, and the rest invest their time running away from solving problems that pays money. Get paid to solve problems. The addiction of an investor is to see opportunities in problems that pay money when solved.

An investor sees opportunities for growth in problems that others only see problems. Investors are generous people simply because they turn problems into opportunities to prosper from, they hire or put talents into constructive use that must benefit people’s lives in our society that most people have ignored or neglected.

Learn to see opportunities were others see problems, and invest in those opportunities.

Learn to use what others don’t use, and invest in that, for example invest in talents, in your mind, learn and grow wisely from your mistakes. Learn and growing from your mistake is an investment, a lot of people don’t know this.


If you don’t, what you don’t use will be used by others. If you don’t, you will be a used tool by others, that’s the way it is and has been and will be, if you don’t use yourself, others will use you as their tool. “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs” said Tony Gaskin, and it’s true, just imagine how many people are employees, working for a few people who had a dream to build up businesses. If a few can do it, then many can do it too.  

Everything here on this earth is for a purpose, and if others don’t use them, you take that opportunity to use them to your advantage. Including people too who don’t take advantage of themselves and their resources are the tools too, use them, as John G. Saxe said, “Fools will be fools as certain as fate, men of wisdom, make them your tools; that, only that, is the use of fools.”

“If you don’t run your own life, someone else will” said John Atkinson and its truth. If you don’t use yourself, someone else will use you, that is how it works, and that’s why many people have always been employees, and not entrepreneurs or business owners, simply because they don’t use what they already have at hand to build that successful lifestyles they desire about.



Become an investor; be that first to use what you are and have before another investor takes advantage of you. Become a producer, stop being just a consumer. Instead of just being a buyer, become a seller, those who produce have more advantages than those who just consume.

Investing also means to bring out the best in others. Investors are generous people; they are addicted to bring talents that most people have ignored and neglected to use. Become an investor of your own life; take advantage of what you have at hand before others do so. Life is an investment, it’s your precious priceless gift and if you invest it activities that do not enrich you, its wasted life forever.  


Are you an investment or an investor? If you are an investment, others will use you; others will invest you to build their own ideas. If you are an investor, you will use others; you will invest others to build your ideas to become a reality. Know that difference between being an investor and being an investment.

Therefore, a true investor is one who uses what others don’t want to use to benefit and bring into life his or her own ideas or dreams. Learn and become an investor today and on forward, good lucky.  

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