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P-R-A Education Levels Up Your Child’s Lifestyle Success Chances – Maradona Chalwe

by Maradona Chalwe

The only success step to empower people is to teach them to empower themselves first with what they already have at hand. If people cannot recognize the tools to use are already in and around them, they can be empowered, but if not, then no matter how much resources or help that will come from others, it will never empower them for success, in fact those resources will even make those people poorer and incompetent more, for example; African countries that depend on foreign Aid money and resources is among good example here.   

If you cannot use wisely what you already have at hand, chances are that you will never even use wisely whatever you will be given by others too. Care begins with oneself and so empowerment begins with oneself. This is a lesson that must be taught to kids consistently.

That’s why most of these so called empowerment programs, empowerment NGO’s, empowerment funds fails, because its busy wasting resources and time on people who cannot and are never ready to empower themselves with what they already have at hand.

Back to our topic; parents play a bigger role to a child’s lifestyle, they is a saying, “A child does not hear what you say, but hear what you do”. A parent’s action plays a huge role in shaping the lifestyle of a child than words. Have you noticed that majority of rich people kids often end up becoming rich or richer more than their parents, and so is the opposite, it’s what they see what their parents do and become and not what they say and wish for.


It’s a pity that most kids spend almost half the entire lifetime in their parent’s house that is full of resources to empower themselves for success, for example, money, free-time, bill-less and expense-less to none expenses (free food, sleeping and clothing), but when the time comes to leave that house, most of them leave poor as a church’s mouth.

If kids can be taught at very younger age that it’s a very big opportunity to empower oneself when you are still living under your parent’s roof, we would have more successful young people in this world today. If I knew and started working on my writing talent you are reading this article when I was 10 years old, now am 33 years old, I would have done more wonders with this talent for this past 23 years, but anyway am glad I discovered it when I was 20 years old, and was lucky, that time I was still living at my parents roof, which was a great opportunity for me to develop my talent, know more of myself, researched more and learnt as many skills I had to learn, and never got to worry what I am going to eat, dress or sleep, that was a priceless.

And do you know why the majority of grownups don’t pursue their talents or dreams even if they had known it today? Its expenses and lacking of time to develop that talent, and this is what results into unwillingness and excuse after excuses. It takes years to develop your talent, it takes years to earn from your talent or dreams, so instead of pursuing that dream, they would rather stick to a job, a paycheck, and forgetting that same job they have right now, it was someone’s else dream, who had the guts to begin early to work on that dream and here they are employed, working for that person; these are fact words, no beating around like someone with a fake-smile eating ice-cream or having bottle of beer that has been bought by a stranger.    

That’s why parents must help their kids to know their talent and encourage them to starting empowering that talent at an earlier age as possible; it takes years to build a talent, but hey, it’s a pity and shame most parents never did and never do this.      


If a child can freely eat, sleep and clothe from a parents resources, then that child has a 100% chance to become successful in life forever; this means, they have time to build their talents, time to ready and watch inspiring information of that successful person they want to become, they can learn how to build a business, learn new skills that later pays them more down the road of life.

But it’s a pity that most kids are brought up by parents who cannot see this P-R-A empowerment picture talked about here, because all they see is taking a child to school as the only empowerment they know. And the biggest problem with school training system is, it does not develop talent, it crashes talents and curiosity and only replaces kid’s minds with its employee becoming conditioning system, that’s why your kid’s talents easily faded away the moment you took them to that prison school class room. This is why as a parent you have a bigger role to play when it comes to educate and develop the genius of your child, and not the school teacher who’s just on that job for a paycheck, and not for the education of your child.

We underestimate genius (god) and we overestimate schooling. School costs a price, education is priceless, and that education is your child’s genius within. That’s why Parent resource advantage mindset and skills must be taught by you as a parent before that completes high school or reaches 18 years old, and if a child learns to use other parent resources wisely, to empower that genius, that mind on empowering information, they are already 50% closer to a successful lifestyle.

It has been said more often, “It’s not what you leave for your child; it’s what you leave in them”. As a parent, your lifestyle is what reflects in your child’s mind and heart, so what are going to leave in your child?   

Take charge of the education of your child, school does not and so churches do not, it’s only you a parent or guardian who is responsible for the future lifestyle, future outcome of that child. A parent’s education for their child is priceless; please let it impact your child’s mind and heart with a positive price.

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