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Make Yourself A Success Priority, Not Certificates

by Maradona Chalwe

You must remember that the key to success is you, not outside you or in your school certificates, yes you can have a college degree, so many people have college degrees but still poor and miserable, and worse more, have no jobs, no money.

We are already born with riches within, but no one was born with college degrees, these are just things we found on this earth that so many people define themselves of when in reality they are not a college degree or diploma. Know who you are, and who you are is already within you, you are that key to success, that’s why you must make yourself a #1 Priority for Success.

You are all you have to become what you desire to become, with or without a degree; you are the key to the success you want, so know where to focus your life priorities to. With or without a degree, you can become successful with your life; simply because you are that key to a success life you want.  

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