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Graduating To No Longer Exist

by Maradona Chalwe
college graduate

A good education costs a lot of money and will probably put you in debt, (student loans) or (as a parent sacrificing a lot of money on your kid’s education as an investment that is likely never to be returned – most parents believe schooling a child is an investment that must be returned), but not in today’s world where disappearing of jobs are the order of the day.   

The fact is, you will learn a lot in school, but most of the information you will acquire, will not be useful after schooling. And someone out there is saying school is an investment, an investment for what? For knowledge that will never be useful in future?

Schooling is about the future, not the present, and if someone is investing in something that will never be useful in future, then that’s waste of money and your life too. Students are leaving college with bunch of knowledge or information that has become obsolete and wonder what the hell is wrong with life today, this is all being brain washed to achieve failure.

The future is always different, but school is still training our kids that the future is always the same. This is why the employment mentality keeps being passed on down generation after generations simply because that’s the only way taught and believed idea of making a living for majority of people in this world, a job, a job only.

But biggest problem is of continual training the majority the job mentality; that students are graduating out of college only to find information and jobs they were trained for no longer exist. This is what is called graduate to no longer exist.

Students graduate with a bunch of information that has become obsolete and no longer exist and also graduate to realize the world they lived in no longer exist, graduate to no longer exist.

Where we are heading technology jobs will take over most of human labor jobs; doctors and nurses will be robots, soldiers and police officers will be robots, drivers are now becoming computers, accountants will be computer software, farming is now venturing more into technology machinery, bakery and restaurant workers will be robots and yet school and many parents are not preparing kids for such incoming changes.

Once you realize and understand that the future is different and will always be different, your education focus will change; and if you are a teacher like me, you will realize that;  

  • Students or kids must be taught that the future will always be different.
  • Students or kids must be taught what works now, not what worked yesterday.
  • Students or kids must be prepared for the future, not protected from the future. Preparing students for jobs is not preparing them for the future.

Without this then school is just stealing kid’s money and life, like it has always been doing and has done to the majority for century and decades. Anyway, the future will always be different and it is more important than ever to see what others cannot or do not what to see, and remember that “You can’t learn in school what the world is going to do next year” said the 20th century industrialist founder of Ford Motors Company, Mr. Henry Ford.

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