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Develop An Inclination To Start a Business – Rajeeb Dey

by Maradona Chalwe

Unemployment is a global disaster today; but the question is how do we deal with it, not as nation, but first as an individual?  

Here is a special advice from Mr. Rajeeb Dey CEO and founder Enternships.com, especially for young people who are graduating from colleges and those already seeking for jobs;  

“As you have seen today with the youth unemployment fingers, heating over millions. It is the time if people have had an inclination to start a business. It would be good time to thinking about starting your own business and really making a job rather than taking a job.” – Rajeeb Dey

Fact Is: No government can end unemployment, in fact government survives on unemployment; but you as an individual can end that unemployment, and you can only do this by starting your own business, creating your own job, and not waiting just to be given a job.

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