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Your Children Are Not An Excuse – Maradona Chalwe

by Maradona Chalwe

Mind you, remember always that your time is your life. And its common sense thing that you can be able to tell that majority of people are not in control of their time, it’s either their spouses, children, bosses, government, religion, and events or problems are. They might think they are simply because they are busy and active every day, but not, many are just being run by other people’s ideas, dreams, problems and goals; in short run by other people’s thoughts.

Do you feed your time (life) or you feed the time of others (of the mentioned above)?

If you feed your energy others most times; your life is controlled by others the most times. It has often been said that if you don’t have time to build your own dreams, someone else will hire you to build their dreams; and sure indeed main of us are busy building others dreams ignorantly and busy neglecting our own dreams productively.

For example, I often hear many fathers and mothers saying I am living this life or doing such a job because of my own children; first of all, your children as a father or mother are your own responsibility, second you are not living for your children, they came after you, you chose that life yourself, and third your children are not responsible of your life, you are the responsibility of your children, you made them by your own choice, effort; your child or children never told you to impregnate their mother or their father to impregnate you, no; they were not there, had no clue or idea of your choices, so why say am doing this job or living this life because of my children?

Such reasoning roots from excuses from someone not living the life one wanted. Moreover that job is not for your children, it’s for your employer, so you are doing that job for your employer and not for your children.  

What you created must not make your time; you must make time for what you created. So as a parent having children must not become an excuse for failing to live the life you have always wanted, the life you have always dream’t of living, and if so; your children must inspire you to go live the life you have always desired to live.

Just take control of your life, and end making excuses and blaming others for not living the life you have always wanted. Plan and start working hard to manifest that life you have always wanted. The fact is this; your life is and will always be your own responsibility.  

“Let your children be your inspirational to and not your excuse to not having the life you want” – Maradona Chalwe

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