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Mind Only Has Power To Provide – And Not To Question – Maradona Chalwe

by Maradona Chalwe

Your mind is a magnet, and any thoughts, ideas or information you entertain, begins attracting to you like-minded people and circumstances in align to your thoughts. This is why those who understand mind and use it wisely, you often see them attracting successful people and positive circumstances to their side; it’s not magic, its because they entertain success thoughts, associations, ideas and information in their minds first. So are the poor people too, attracted to the like-minded people and circumstances, because of the poor thoughts they entertain in their minds.

Mind is a very might spiritual workshop that each one of uses to plan and create the lives we experience, even though many don’t know how to use their minds constructively for their personal advantage, that’s why they used or are still being used by others for their personal advantage. If you don’t use what you have; someone else will use it for their personal benefits; this is why we have employees.

The fact is a rich lifestyle is a result of a well planned and constructed rich idea in someone’s mind, and so is a poor lifestyle too, is a result of a well planned and constructed poor idea in someone’s mind. And everything you see that man has made on this earth was all first created in his mind, and it’s this lack of understanding of how our mind works, how to use them constructively that keeps the majority miserable and poor, and it’s even a pity that mind study is not even a subject taught in our schools and religious groups.

Man’s mind is a tool that designs man’s lifestyle, and if you use that tool wisely, it will construct for you a successful lifestyle, but if you use it poorly, it will do so too.

Always remember this that the job of your mind is not to question what you task it, mind never does that, but all your mind does and has power to do, is to give answers or solutions to what you task it, be it good or bad intentions. In short the job of the mind is to provide you with what to use to get where you want to go, and not to question you why you want to go there or why you are going there. If you want to become successful, the mind will give you answers and ways to become successful, but won’t, ever ask you why you want to become successful, and so is if you want the unsuccessful life too.    

“Remember, your mind is your greatest asset, so be careful what you put in it” – Robert Kiyosaki, Founder Rich Dad Education

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