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Be Aware of Modern Jobs Emerging – Maradona Chalwe

by Maradona Chalwe

As a writer, social worker, teacher I don’t need big offices to do the business I do; all I need is a laptop, or maybe a single room, internet, a website, a phone, pen, papers, a printer, and can do the business both local and foreign.

Today even big projects are coming from single rooms. Even big companies today are hiring and contracting guys from single rooms, and they don’t care whether it’s a bedroom or a garage you are working in, for them, as long as you are creative and able to produce that service or product, they will hire you.

Let’s be aware of modern jobs emerging today, they do not require you to get up early morning, get to the office, do your job for 9 hours and get back home in the late afternoon at 6 pm, and tomorrow the same process. Emerging modern jobs, but not all jobs, but emerging ones today require you to work where you are as long as you have a laptop, smart phone, or Ipad, and connected with internet, with some necessary basic equipment to keep you productive.

I once run a project for social-media and product marketing, for Mpongwe Milling Ltd in Kitwe; and only a smart phone, a laptop and internet was my office, and such are modern jobs you must look out and you may train yourself for. Today a mobile phone, laptop computer is an office, you can travel and work anywhere with this modern office. And mind this, just a single room today, can provide a huge technological production for big businesses, and they can also take over the market of big businesses, if they are creative and innovative enough.

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