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Know That Knowledge is Satan and Knowledge is God – Maradona Chalwe

by Maradona Chalwe

Knowledge plays in all. Knowledge is a tool to success and a tool to misery too. It’s in all and plays all games. If you feed your mind with poor knowledge, you will get poverty and if you feed your mind with success knowledge, you will get success. It plays in all.

That is why if you want to become successful, you are advised to read and listen to success knowledge, it can be on business, for personal, on relationships, health, spiritual or anything that will interest you as long as it’s knowledge that leads you to the success you want, consumer it and actualize it, that’s the path guaranteed if you desire a successful life.

The main problem with many poor people is that the majority don’t like to reading, they have no reading culture, and if it’s a few who have that culture, only read and listen more to negative information news in newspapers and television, discus negative ideas and talks; just observe how the negativity is advertised on the front pages of newspapers on the streets, and that’s what many people enjoy and that’s what many people feed in their minds, and they wonder why their lives cannot move ahead.

Simply put; knowledge is gold and knowledge is salt too. Knowledge is Satan and knowledge is God too. Knowledge is poison and knowledge is medicine. And the information you consume, is the direct reflection of the lifestyle you experience or you will experience.

Therefore; you must be more careful of people you spend time with, the kind of advice and information you allow them to feed in your mind is what will become your gold or is what will become your salt lifestyle. We become the people we spend our time with. And if the people around us are fools, we will end up fools too, unless otherwise.

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