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Greatness Is Not Success – Maradona Chalwe

by Maradona Chalwe

The difference between the great and average achievers is, one puts in extra more efforts, the other is satisfied with enough.

When it comes to racing for greatness, putting in enough is not enough. Enough is a sigh that you still have reserved something elsewhere.  Putting in enough effort is not enough; going beyond enough is what brings in extraordinary achievements. But to go beyond enough, you must be willing is to lose it all, to remain empty, to put it all in, to allow it all in, to remain with nothing, in short sacrificing all of you is the secret to achieving great, extraordinary achievements.

And here is where it gets interesting; once you achieve an extraordinary idea, it’s no longer extraordinary and no longer an achievement.

But how? Because extraordinary achievement has no destination, it’s just a process. Once you achieve a dream, you will come to realize that they are more other dreams to achieve. The dream you achieve today, just opens you to other dreams you can achieve out there. 

Successful people never settle for achievements, but settle for growth, and no matter how big the dream they achieve, they always go an extra mile to discover bigger dreams to achieve. Extraordinary is not the end, extra ordinary means going for another extra dream, extra mile. Once you achieve an extraordinary dream, it’s no longer extraordinary; it’s now ordinary and you know settling for ordinary is mediocre. You just have to go for that other extra mile. That’s why achievements have no destiny, but have extra miles to pursue. Successful people understand this; accomplishments, achievements or success is not a destiny, it’s a journey, a process, that’s why they keep on dreaming big and never settle for what they have achieved. Greatness has no destiny; greatness is a process.

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