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Your Time Is The Only Value Your Employer Wants From You

by Maradona Chalwe

To own your life, to take control of your life it’s a lifetime process. It comes with realization and understanding of how valuable your lifetime is. The reason why they train people to become employees is because employers have realized and understood how valuable and precious time is. “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose” said Thomas Edison. 

The only value we have is time. You are an employee because the time you spend at that job is more valuable than a paycheck they give you for that job. The rich are not rich because they use their time, no; they are rich because they use other people’s time and resources. They understand how to use wisely other people’s time, money and other resources to their advantage, this is what the poor don’t understand, don’t know and miss out.

They’re only three ways to experience life, to be used, to use or to use oneself. The wise know how to wisely use others and use themselves for profit, only a few know how to profit themselves and the rest only know how to be used to profit others, that’s all they know. In school you are only taught to profit others by training you to become an employee for the government and a few rich people. That’s why school is a slave manufacturing factory.

Entrepreneurs have realized and understood how valuable time is, that’s why they have that business and have employed others to follow them and work hard on their dream. Your time is your life, and once you understand that your time is the only value you have on this earth, I bet you will never desire anyone to use your time for their own advantage.

Caution: The only value you have on this earth is your time, so be your own profit and not the way others are a profit of the government, employer or someone else.

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