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True Education – Maradona Chalwe

by Maradona Chalwe

Lillian Smith said “Education is a private matter between the world of knowledge and experience, and has nothing to do with school or college” and this is true, because knowledge is always available for everyone with or without school.

Education is about knowing yourself; your strengths and weaknesses; what you are good at and bad at, and between their lies your education. Education is about your mind, your brain and what you can do with it. It’s about telling yourself what to do with your life, and not waiting for a teacher or government or someone else to tell you what to do with your life. The problem is; school encourages us to look up; instead of teaching us how to grow up. If today you’re unemployed, lonely and frustrated, it’s because school did not give you education. True education is all about what you do with you already have at hand.

True education must prepare you for the future. Education must prepare you for the future and not protect you from the future. The fact is, giving people jobs is not preparing them for the future, its hiding their future from them. True education must prepare you for life’s journey. Education is about tomorrow while school is about yesterday.

True education is about finding your way to give freedom your life, and not giving you a way that protects you from your freedom like school does. True education must make you an explorer of your life and not exploit your life. True education must make you explore your strengthens and your weakness, and not exploit them. If you don’t know and not utilizing your talents or gifts, then your education has been exploited; and school does not give education – its exploits education.

Education makes you take control of your life. School makes to be controlled. The only thing that makes you educated is what you have control over. School is dumb for when it taught us to fall in love with a good job that we have no control over.

True education trains you to question before you believe in something. School does not; it only trains you to believe and follow as found and did. True education questions and understands before believing.

True education allows making mistakes, but what you do with consequences of those mistakes is your own business; if you learn a lesson, you will become wiser and grow – if you don’t you remain a failure. School does not allow making mistakes that is called failure; that’s why you are punished for making mistakes in school, and when you enter the real world, failure is the real punishment if you don’t learn from it. The reason why many with school mentality cannot stand on their own, but always standing under a job, employer or government is because they fear failure than winning and you can only win if you are willing to fail first. That’s why true education is about learning and growing from your mistakes.

True education is building value. A truly educated person builds a family that values and provides value. A truly educated person associates with empowering people; friends, family, business, or spouse relationships, and he or she is wise enough to learn from stupid people.

True education makes you realize abundance is your birth right. If your mind cannot create wealth and success for you, it doesn’t matter how many degrees you have, you are not educated, and you are an illiterate.

There has always been three ways to experience this life;

  1. To be used.
  2. To use.
  3. To use yourself.

So far today the people we see and claim to be educated are people who are being used; for example the teachers, medical personnel, the police or soldiers, politicians, accountants, lawyers, etc. If any reason you cannot educate yourself to make your own money, you’re illiterate, even if you have a PhD. The question is;

  • If somebody spends 17 – 25 years and money in school to study and earn a prestigious B.sc Degree and even move further to get another prestigious MBA a Master Degree in Business Administration and such a person cannot start a business and make it successful, what do you have to say?   

Always remember that true education must train you how to use your mind and other people’s minds to your advantage; and in today’s world, the only asset you have is your mind and how you use it.

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