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Conscious Security Matters All – Maradona Chalwe

by Maradona Chalwe

The only security we have today is conscious security, not job security in fact they is no such thing like that, a philosophy of job security is a mental manipulation tactic they use to blind an employee from not realizing their potential when at that job.

The people who made the system called job-security knew that when people realize their potential and become courageous enough to pursue that potential, many will be giving up being employees, that’s why job security is there to manipulate employees in order to keep them working hard at that job without realizing how capable their potential is within them. Potential within is always greater than that job security.

Yes you can have a job, but not for good; you need to realize that you have more potential within you to stand out than you will ever spend those 20 years at someone else company. If you can spend 5 years making your employers dream come true everyday on that job, then you can use the same energy and years working to build your own dream come true and become your own employer in 5 years period.

Fact is, everyone has a dream – and everyone dreams of making that dream come true, but few have the guts and are willing to make that dream come true, and that’s why many would rather spend years at jobs they are paid for; than spend a few years working on their dream without being paid. Their scared of not having money and not scared of their dying dreams and talents.

Many wound rather sacrifice years and years for job security than sacrifice a few years to build and work, and regain their conscious security and live their own dreams and life. Many are driven by a paycheck and not their dream, that’s why if you don’t build your own dream, someone else will employ you to work on their dreams.

If you don’t use yourself, someone else will use you, and many will use you till you are finished to an extent that you will end up remaining with nothing to use yourself in the end. Just look at how most employees are completely finished after retiring from jobs they spent years and years working for someone else; such lacked conscious security all the way till they were finished. Here is the thing;

  • Conscious security will make you realize that building your financial freedom is more important than job security.
  • Conscious security will make you realize that building and working on your own dream is more that important than spending years and years building and working on someone else dreams.
  • Conscious security will make you realize that your lifetime is limited and it’s the only value you have on this earth; and letting someone else use it to their advantage and not yours is a waste of your life.

If you are not conscious or have no conscious of who you are, who you want to become, do, have and share with your life; the fact is you will always be a used material for others. Yes you can have a job for while, but not till you are old; you don’t need to be a using material for others till you are that old and retired like many do.

Moreover, if you are young like me, this is the only time you must become very conscious of your life and what you want to become and achieve for yourself. Conscious security is realizing that potential within is always greater than that job security.

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