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God Is An Entrepreneur – Maradona Chalwe

by Maradona Chalwe

When you enter this entrepreneur spiritual world, you will realize that entrepreneurship is not just a business, but a spiritual calling that everyone has been called to fulfill on this beautiful mother earth, simply put, entrepreneurship means creation and our purpose on this earth is to create and not take, that’s why we die leaving nothing that we created into a physical reality on this mother earth.

The best way to find and develop your entrepreneur spiritual world is to find what you love or passionate about, is do what you love and love what you do and create a business around that and your creation will be unstoppable. God is an entrepreneur and his business is to destroy, improve and create and so you are.

If something has become old destroy it, if not improve it and if not, destroy it and then create a new one. God is ever improving and creating and so must you too, because you are a god. Entrepreneurs are ever improving and creating, and this is why you must become an entrepreneur student.

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