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Thinking Makes Us So – Maradona Chalwe

by Maradona Chalwe

In case you don’t know thinking makes you so!

Do you know whatever you do, feel and say to yourself or others it’s your thinking that makes it so? 

Thinking regulates actions.

Here is the logic;

How you think determines how you act.

How you act determines how others will treat or will react to you. 

Here is the other logic;

How you think determines what you attract.

What you attract determines what you become.

The person, who feels he isn’t important, isn’t. To be important, we must think we are important, really think so; then others will think so too.

The way you treat others, your thinking makes it so. Others see in us what we see in ourselves, we receive the kind of treatment we think we deserve. Thinking does make it so, the fellow who thinks he is inferior, regardless of what his real qualifications may be, is inferior; no matter how much he may try to cover-up, inferior thinking always finds a way into actions with or without his or her own consent.

Someone may pretend to be rich, but if their thinking is poor, sooner or later there thinking will prophecies to the public who they are.

Thinking makes us so; poor or rich its thinking that makes us so. Successful and unsuccessful business man, thinking makes us so. Successful or unsuccessful relationship, thinking makes that relationship as it is.

Therefore change your thinking – you will therefore change what you feel, do, dress, associate too and how others think, react and treat you.

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