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The Job of A Parent, Not Talking About A Father or Mother!

by Maradona Chalwe

Well for most parents are very good at creating environments that leads kids to become followers, that conditions kids to mind other people’s life business, and only a few parents create environments that lead kids to become leaders; that conditions kids to mind their own life business, meaning environments that brings out the genius, the potential within a child. The fact is you can become a parent with or without a child, with or without being married and with or without a degree.

One important job of a parent is to create or find the system or an environment that brings out a child’s genius, that inspires kid’s love of learning to develop, that improve and share that genius from within a child to reach as many people as they can reach out here in this world. It can be music, writing, sport, cooking, fashion, painting, computer programming, law, farming etc; it’s your duet as a parent to create and to support your child’s genius to find such an environment.

The problem is that school does not, unless by chance for a kid to realize their own talent through school-system and it’s a pity that school is often a day care institution so that parents may go to work.   

This is what defines a parent, someone who inspires and brings out the responsibility, brings out the potential, the genius within a child and supports it to shine out there; not just getting pregnant, impregnating or a giving birth only, No! Today, society lacks and needs more parents, than just fathers and mothers only.  

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